Definition of smoke detector in English:

smoke detector

(also smoke alarm)


  • A fire-protection device that automatically detects and gives a warning of the presence of smoke.

    • ‘An example of an emergency at camp is when a smoke detector goes off in your dining hall creating the immediate need to evacuate the building to avoid the danger of a potential fire and possible injury to campers or staff.’
    • ‘Backpackers evacuated the building after a false fire alarm at the hostel, which was believed to have been triggered by a faulty smoke detector.’
    • ‘Firefighters are warning of the risks of living without a smoke detector or leaving candles unattended following a fire which gutted a flat in a Blackpool tower block.’
    • ‘A smoke detector should be placed outside each sleeping area on every level and the battery should be changed at least annually.’
    • ‘I do not think that the fire could have developed to the stage that it did without the smoke alarm giving some warning beforehand.’
    • ‘Having a smoke detector in the home gives people more time to get out if there is an emergency.’
    • ‘Of course, Lucas and slammed his door shut, and had smoked so much that he set the smoke detector off in his office.’
    • ‘Furthermore smoke, not heat or flames, causes the majority of fire deaths in Ireland and the smoke given off by some furnishing materials can kill very quickly, stressing the need for a smoke detector.’
    • ‘Luckily, the smoke detector automatically alerted the fire brigade who extinguished the blaze and moved the couple, and their pets, away from the house.’
    • ‘The noise of a smoke detector would have alerted her, before the property became smoke-logged, or at the very least alerted neighbours.’
    • ‘We had a fire last weekend at Falinge flats in which no-one died because of a smoke detector.’
    • ‘The smoke detector is a life-saver because it is awake while you are asleep - it is the difference between life and death.’
    • ‘A family of three are counting their blessings after a smoke detector alerted them to an exploding fridge fire which threatened their lives.’
    • ‘If the smoke detector which was installed had the correct battery fitted, they could have been alerted to the fire a lot sooner.’
    • ‘They had a working smoke alarm which gave them early warning of the fire.’
    • ‘He adds: ‘If they had a smoke detector they would have woken a lot earlier.’’
    • ‘If you are asleep and have no early warning from a smoke alarm, you may not wake up in time to escape.’
    • ‘Put a smoke detector near the kitchen and bathroom.’
    • ‘The brigade were alerted by a call handling centre after the smoke detector went off after a fire started in a first floor bedroom of Seend Park Lodge in High Street.’
    • ‘Lauren and I quickly ran to our area and turned off the oven before the smoke detector could go off in the classroom.’


smoke detector

/smōk dəˈtektər/