Definition of smelter in English:



  • 1An installation or factory for smelting a metal from its ore.

    • ‘I wouldn't want to live under any other arrangement, but it only can only create alloys are as good or bad as the raw ore that's fed into the smelter.’
    • ‘If everyone recycled the aluminum cans they used, there would be no need for new smelters…’
    • ‘Cransberg, who will be based at the company's New York office, will have responsibility for Alcoa's 13 primary aluminum smelters in the U.S. and Canada.’
    • ‘Emissions of sulfur dioxide and metals from smelters can cause damage to surrounding terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.’
    • ‘At-risk children may also live in areas with industries nearby such as lead smelters or battery recycling plants that have emitted lead dust into the air and soil.’
    1. 1.1A person engaged in the business of smelting.