Definition of smarten in English:



  • 1Make (something) smarter in appearance.

    ‘he spent part of the proceeds on smartening up his office’
    • ‘When Stefanidis moved in, the eastern boundary was ‘a rather sad wooden fence, so I put in a wall’, which smartens the place up and gives more privacy.’
    • ‘Workmen have started regenerating Westcliff's Hamlet Court Road following a 12-year campaign by traders to smarten it up.’
    • ‘It will become a Business Improvement District where local businesses vote on a plan to improve the town, which could include better lighting, smartening up shop fronts, additional security of more street cleaning.’
    • ‘Grandeur in appearance now that it had been smartened up, I desperately tried to avoid it.’
    • ‘We are looking at smartening it up and putting in an external food serving area the pupils could use at break and lunchtime.’
    • ‘Less than three hours before the ‘opening’ the FLAT crew painted the floor with black enamel paint to smarten it up.’
    • ‘I've teamed it with the black bolero today to smarten it up.’
    • ‘Pluto plays an ex-smuggler who buys a grotty bar in Little America, smartens it up and starts doing good business.’
    • ‘Simon could have used a bit of grooming in smartening up his appearance as a wealthy young man.’
    • ‘It's one thing smartening up the shop front but I don't think this is needed.’
    • ‘I also gave the potted plants (rosemary, chives, oregano and garlic) a bit more compost and a top dressing of bark chips to smarten them up, keep down the weeds and help with water retention.’
    • ‘If it is so important to the wine industry, why don't they smarten it up and give it some credibility?’
    • ‘They've certainly smartened the place up a bit since Bluewater opened, and in places you can see where they're still working on it, but it's still not quite up to the standard of its rival over in Kent.’
    • ‘So we're having to work it out for ourselves, and that means smartening up.’
    • ‘The pond was already there and Mr and Mrs Smith had intended to build a framework around it and smarten it up, but they never got round to it.’
    • ‘Angry cabbies took to the streets of York to demonstrate against moves by rail company GNER to smarten them up.’
    • ‘Nearly $50 million has been spent in the past few years on smartening up the area, but free cash can't cure a cancerous poor-me culture.’
    • ‘St. Brigid's Hall in the town's square is currently undergoing a new paint job to smarten it up for the busy summer ahead, with the many festivities planned for it.’
    • ‘But it goes to a range of clients, doing jobs of all sizes - from launching a community centre to smartening up a pensioner's kitchenette - so even half-tins from DIY projects come in useful.’
    • ‘It has been owned by a Yorkshire family, the Greenwoods, for more than 30 years and during their ownership they have tried to smarten it up.’
    spruce up, make smarter, clean up, tidy up, make neater, make tidy, put in order
    groom oneself, spruce oneself up, freshen oneself up, preen oneself, primp oneself, prink oneself, pretty oneself, beautify oneself
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    1. 1.1smarten upno object Acquire more common sense; behave more wisely.
      ‘if you don't smarten up soon, you'll find yourself out on the street’
    2. 1.2smarten upno object Make one's appearance smarter.
      ‘I'd like to smarten up and shave’