Definition of smart mouth in US English:

smart mouth


North American
  • An ability or tendency to make impertinent retorts; impudence.

    ‘why do you hide behind that smart mouth all the time?’
    • ‘Oh you're the tough guy now but we both know your smart mouth doesn't cut it in the real world.’
    • ‘I don't have the patience for your smart mouth this morning, Jessica.’
    • ‘His smart mouth fed the press a line of sass that no reporter could ignore - a line of anti-Western sass.’
    • ‘I had a smart mouth that got me in trouble.’
    • ‘No one ever likes me though, because I have a smart mouth.’
    • ‘I had images of CPR and potential death, all the fault of my smart mouth.’
    • ‘The boy has a smart mouth, which he must have got from somewhere (personally I blame his mother).’
    • ‘‘You know you've got a smart mouth just like your mother,’ Felicia sneered.’
    • ‘‘Chuck may put up with your smart mouth, but I assure you, I will not,’ warned Angela, in a sweet voice.’
    • ‘You watch your smart mouth before I have to slap you.’
    • ‘Mr. Hamilton, kindly return to your seat and keep your smart mouth to yourself.’
    • ‘The police evidence to be presented appears to indicate a smart mouth whose group was asked to leave the hotel (no indication of drunkenness) because of excess noise and rowdy behaviour and to be quiet in the street when they left.’
    • ‘You know the guy I'm talking about - he's got a smart mouth, and a brain too stupid to tell it to stop wagging in the breeze.’
    • ‘During that time, I learned to hide myself behind a smart mouth and my studies.’
    • ‘While Leo distracted the clerk with his smart mouth and quick hands, I grabbed a few dozen candy bars (making sure they were a variety this time) and the newspaper and slipped them all into my book bag and pockets.’
    • ‘‘Count your blessings, and can the smart mouth,’ Mitch said, setting a fresh brew in front of Sid.’
    • ‘There are these Glasgow characters who do get by on a smart mouth and a certain wry detached attitude to everything going on around them.’
    • ‘Don't be belligerent, don't be, as teenagers can sometimes do, get kind of a smart mouth about it.’
    • ‘And you, Meip, need to close your smart mouth,’ I said while trying to cover my chuckles with a stern tone.’
    • ‘Don't be such a smart mouth or you shall be sorry.’
    impudence, impertinence, cheek, cheekiness, effrontery, irreverence, sauciness, pertness, freshness, flippancy, insolence, rudeness, disrespect, disrespectfulness, familiarity, presumption, presumptuousness, audacity, audaciousness, boldness, brazenness, forwardness, cockiness, shamelessness
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[no object]North American
  • Make impertinent remarks to someone.

    ‘he started smart-mouthing’
    with object ‘don't you smart-mouth me’
    • ‘I see what your brother meant by you being so good at smart-mouthing.’
    • ‘What many may recall however was how he arrogantly smart-mouthed the judges during the competition.’
    • ‘Hey, I may think he's a good kid but that doesn't mean I'm going to let him smart-mouth me.’
    • ‘But she's not actually ugly; she's just pert and smart-mouthed and has a sexy voice, completely according with that romcom genre convention of the comic sidekick to the heroine.’
    • ‘She was quiet perturbed to receive such an awkward welcome from Erial's ladies-in-waiting and quite annoyed to be smart-mouthed by some servant maid she had never even met.’
    • ‘Situation comedies ran rampant with ‘unwholesome’ situations involving gays, lesbians and glorified versions of ungodly lifestyles ranging from unwed couples sleeping together to children smart-mouthing to their parents.’
    • ‘‘I'm your elder,’ Russell said, ‘so I can do as I like, when you smart-mouth me, and Da said to box you one whenever you got fresh.’’
    • ‘You're the one who decided to smart-mouth a dangerous gang.’
    • ‘She wants for you two to be friends again, and well, I smart-mouthed her and that's when things got ugly.’
    • ‘I looked up and saw Liz sniggering softly beside the new kid, who I assumed had just smart-mouthed Becky and her equally as livid and mad friends.’