Definition of smart mob in US English:

smart mob


  • A group of people who assemble, move, or act collectively by using mobile phones or other wireless devices to communicate.

    ‘smart mobs, moving from party to party with each new reported celebrity sighting’
    • ‘The technologies that are beginning to make smart mobs possible are mobile communication devices and pervasive computing.’
    • ‘Second, understand that not every smart mob is a wise mob.’
    • ‘Through the concerted action of smart mobs, we're getting closer to the day when we'll have an indexed, street-level view of every block, every store, every dorm.’
    • ‘But while only last year, pundits were rhapsodizing about smart mobs, now it seems networked herding is the game.’
    • ‘‘‘We have been described as a second generation smart mob,’ says the co-organizer.’
    • ‘This paper examines the successful evolution of a specific smart mob into a wireless community of practice.’
    • ‘Billy has been staging public readings of the First Amendment in smart mobs at Ground Zero and other locations, exercising the rights to free assembly and speech.’
    • ‘The idea of smart mobs came from politics: They were ad-hoc groups of demonstrators who used mobile devices to help co-ordinate their movements.’
    • ‘Show me a case where e-mail or blogs or smart mobs really and unambiguously did bring down a tyrant.’
    • ‘Interest in smart mobs seems to be exploding across Europe and the US at the moment.’
    • ‘The people who make up smart mobs cooperate in ways never before possible because they carry devices that possess both communication and computing capabilities.’
    • ‘With all the talk about smart mobs and the wisdom of crowds, everyone seems to be looking at how we're becoming a collaboration nation - working together to get stuff done.’
    • ‘He describes this collection of connections as smart mobs.’
    • ‘The answers lie hidden within the strange connections between social software, human psychology, convergent architecture, smart mobs, reputation economies, learning organizations, nanotechnology and literacy.’
    • ‘He also wonders: ‘Will nascent smart mobs be neutralized into passive, if mobile, consumers of another centrally controlled mass medium?’’
    • ‘But when we turn from elections to policy-making, last-minute and smart mob lobbying make sense, especially where rules allow officials to use wire less in committee rooms and chambers.’
    • ‘And this, perhaps, is the problem - from the perspective of politicians, anyway - with campaigning by smart mob.’
    • ‘Well, smart mob is a large term for any group of people, small or large, who use the Internet and mobile communications, or both together, to organise collective action.’
    • ‘Okay, I've been reading about the proliferation of smart mobs for quite a few months now, and the way that some groups are turning the concept into a sort of spontaneous public performance art.’
    • ‘One of the critical uncertainties about the future of smart mobs is whether or not workable, transportable, trustworthy reputation systems will evolve and spread.’