Definition of smart growth in US English:

smart growth


  • Planned economic and community development that attempts to curb urban sprawl and worsening environmental conditions.

    • ‘I might add that Yonkers is, in fact, old school smart growth.’
    • ‘With this level of energy and resource consumption, it is critical that development occur within a smart growth policy, and not generate additional resource, land, and energy consumption.’
    • ‘Integrating concepts of smart growth into urban planning and development won't be easy, conservationists say.’
    • ‘This small group of individuals and think tanks aggressively distribute misinformation about new urbanism and smart growth, developing notoriety as defenders of the status quo.’
    • ‘It also encompasses debates of mass transit versus highway construction, and smart growth versus sprawl development.’
    • ‘Mr. Fulton ended by saying that industry needed to work with environmental organizations and smart growth groups if we want North American cities to be healthy and livable for future generations.’
    • ‘She has worked on smart growth and sustainable development issues for the past five years.’
    • ‘At the local level, NWF will organize and educate grass-roots activists to demand smart growth in their own communities.’
    • ‘It targets conservation funds to threatened ag areas and supports effective planning and smart growth to steer development away from the nation's best farmland.’
    • ‘It would support smart growth and mass transit, increase brownfield redevelopment and rebuild transportation and water infrastructure, relieving municipal budget pressures.’
    • ‘Last year, five of the six smart growth bills never made it out of committee; the sixth was defeated on the floor.’
    • ‘These two statements seem to contradict one another and this is reflected in the Ontario government's smart growth plans.’
    • ‘And unless Edmonton's city council develops a land use plan to ensure smart growth, urban sprawl could cripple the city within a few decades.’
    • ‘The smart growth simply improves the quality of the development.’
    • ‘Also look at contributions from environmentalists lobbying for smart growth initiatives.’
    • ‘Yet while smart growth is beginning to reduce our communities' growing appetite for land, it has been less successful at protecting the land most important for conserving biological diversity.’
    • ‘This is a perfect example of how Ontario is working towards smart growth developments.’
    • ‘Consider what happened last year when the Sierra Club published its third annual sprawl report, citing state-by-state examples of smart growth and destructive sprawl.’
    • ‘A group of officials from Winnebago and Boone Counties requested the study and are encouraged by the findings, which they say would stimulate smart growth, spur economic development and combat congestion.’
    • ‘So while the politicians duke it out over smart growth, Coffman is doing what he can to modify development to make sure that the building going on all around him occurs in an environmentally sensitive way.’