Definition of smart-alecky in US English:



  • See smart aleck

    • ‘I soon regretted it, however, as what my grandfather would have called ‘a smart-alecky stunt’ and I was relieved when the tape was returned.’
    • ‘At first he seemed a vain, smart-alecky Pommie academic, who'd never run a business himself, and was a bit chip-on-the-shoulder about the private sector.’
    • ‘Yup, you guessed it; some smart-alecky student thought it would be funny to hide the corpse in Guber's office closet.’
    • ‘I'm more familiar with the extroverted, smart-alecky Spider Man than the shy, introverted Peter Parker.’
    • ‘I'm not being smart-alecky here, but showing up is the roughest part.’
    • ‘It's all very well being smart-alecky about Burns living in an attic but, in this day and age, there's no patronage.’