Definition of smallholder in US English:



  • See smallholding

    • ‘More than 60 per cent of farmers in Zambia are smallholder or peasant farmers who depend largely on rain-fed agriculture.’
    • ‘What about smallholders and hobby farmers - those people who have fewer than 250 sheep?’
    • ‘Coffee farmers, mostly poor smallholders, now sell their coffee beans for much less than they cost to produce - only 60 per cent of production costs in Vietnam's Dak Lak Province.’
    • ‘Once a food exporter, Malawi is now a net importer: persistent drought is a factor but so too are cuts in farming subsidies and smallholders switching to cash crops like tobacco.’
    • ‘We have a wide range of goods produced by local farmers and smallholders including pickles, jams and preserves, free range meats, home grown herbs, eggs and plenty of seasonal vegetables.’
    • ‘Thus began the popular tradition in which Hamilton was branded as an elitist, a friend to the wealthy and parasitical instead of to the little man, the farmer, the smallholder.’
    • ‘In 1068 the Domesday Book recorded a population of 650 people, including 28 slaves, 45 smallholders and 23 swineherds.’
    • ‘The focus moreover is on small farmers, particularly the intensive smallholders who are most likely to be affected by GM crops.’
    • ‘The estate plantations provide smallholders with access to planting materials, extension services, and iruit transport and processing.’
    • ‘Most are smallholder farmers who call themselves campesinos.’
    • ‘It contributed to the massive reduction in the numbers in agriculture throughout the EU with the exit of smallholders and the increased size of farm units.’
    • ‘It is at this point that we see the emergence of the yeoman farmer: a peasant smallholder with up to 100 acres of land.’
    • ‘The beneficiaries are not smallholder farmers but huge multinational agribusinesses.’
    • ‘He created an agrarian dictatorship in a country where the majority of the population consisted of agrarian smallholders.’
    • ‘In this way, co-operative international agricultural research provides crucial support for smallholder farmers to move from subsistence to surplus agriculture.’
    • ‘He is a smallholder, a farmer of Chardonnay, and right now his local reputation and personal pride is on the line.’
    • ‘Coffee farmers are mostly poor smallholders in Latin America, Africa, and parts of East Asia such as Vietnam.’
    • ‘They divided the common lands and sold off the grand-ducal estates, to raise production by creating a class of independent smallholders in place of the poor tenant farmers.’
    • ‘If the local election does go ahead, I will be very sensitive to farmers and smallholders who don't want me to approach their land or properties.’
    • ‘The EU said in a statement it believes that the highest incidence of poverty is among the smallholder communal farmers.’