Definition of slowly in US English:



  • At a slow speed; not quickly.

    ‘they moved forward slowly’
    • ‘Love can grow slowly out of warmth and companionship and none of us should be afraid to seek it.’
    • ‘She held it to his mouth and slowly tilted it forward, letting him gulp down the tea.’
    • ‘The beans had been cooked slowly and infused with all the delicious juices as a result.’
    • ‘Count slowly from ten to zero, one number for each breath, and try to clear your mind.’
    • ‘So I slowly took steps forward with my hands out in front of me and collided with a wall.’
    • ‘His wife has left him for somebody else and he is slowly losing his mind to drugs.’
    • ‘An ordinary roll of green hay is placed on rollers which spin it round very slowly.’
    • ‘She slowly walked forward with one hand in front of her until she touched the barrier.’
    • ‘Either way, the audience slowly becomes aware that it is in the presence of a madman.’
    • ‘After some time we realised that our line was moving much more slowly than the others.’
    • ‘When loading it on, move slowly from one side of the spool to the other and back again.’
    • ‘There will be a short pause as the bait is taken in, then the skate will slowly move away.’
    • ‘I slowly climb out of bed, not taking my eyes off the mouse for even a second and cross the room.’
    • ‘The cars moved off slowly and up the steep track to come hurtling down and spinning round.’
    • ‘My eyes move slowly up the length of a fish, it must be thirty inches or more in length.’
    • ‘Rebus nodded slowly and walked over to the bus driver, crouched down in front of him.’
    • ‘Break up the chocolate and melt it slowly in a glass bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.’
    • ‘The art of a long day of music is to start big, and then to drop down and build slowly throughout the day.’
    • ‘He turned slowly and shuffled back to his seat behind the counter and turned up the radio.’
    • ‘This is a very unusual situation and we have to take the matter very slowly and carefully.’
    unhurriedly, without hurrying, at a leisurely pace, at a slow pace, leisurely, steadily, taking one's time, in one's own good time
    gradually, bit by bit, by degrees, little by little, slowly but surely, step by step, inchmeal
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  • slowly but surely

    • Achieving the desired results gradually and reliably rather than quickly and spectacularly.

      ‘the new church began, slowly but surely, to grow’
      • ‘Then, slowly but surely, they started to claw their way back into the game.’
      • ‘The flat, slowly but surely, had been filling with gas (with me in it) for getting on for fourteen hours.’
      • ‘I'll be patient, tackle the job slowly but surely, and I'll get there.’
      • ‘Well, slowly but surely, the race for the White House is nearing the finish line.’
      • ‘I read about the history of the music and, slowly but surely, I got into it.’
      • ‘This is a quick second test post - I'm getting there slowly but surely!’
      • ‘The hedge and trees are turning colour slowly but surely; if we get a frost in the next few days I think we may be in for a real show before they fall.’
      • ‘The euphoria has been fading out slowly but surely, and the trauma appears to be getting replaced by amnesia.’
      • ‘Since we launched the parade in 1995, it has developed slowly but surely.’
      • ‘They're beginning to move slowly but surely to try to bring a couple million people back.’
      gradually, bit by bit, by degrees, little by little, slowly but surely, step by step, inchmeal
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