Definition of Slough of Despond in US English:

Slough of Despond

(also slough of despond)


  • A state of hopeless depression.

    ‘while everyone is having a blast I am sinking into the Slough of Despond’
    • ‘In terms of art - if we still believe in that with film, and I hope we do - the whole matter of doubt, second thoughts and variant versions leads us into the sloughs of despond and indifference.’
    • ‘How could I have escaped from a slough of despond?’
    • ‘Nearly everywhere there are signs that the prodigal economy is staggering home from its three-year slough of despond.’
    • ‘Let's say that the Democrats retake the House, and the economy is still mired in the slough of despond.’
    • ‘Japan is struggling to get out of its economic slough of despond: banks rotting with bad debts, unemployment at five per cent plus, national debt at 130 per cent of the GDP.’
    • ‘Thus, rather than achieve some kind of resolution, Chrissie has simply guaranteed that he will sink ever deeper into his personal slough of despond.’
    • ‘Tull's mother stops her wandering and drug abuse long enough to see her son through the worst of his adolescence and may or may not fall back into the slough of despond after her reunion with her estranged husband.’
    • ‘He used to become depressed upon finishing an album, the creative high replaced by a listless slough of despond.’
    • ‘Helped out of his slough of despond, Hendra starts ‘back down the path of faith’ at the end of the 1980s.’
    • ‘I decided, in the absence of any other alternative, to read myself out of the slough of despond.’
    • ‘The slough of despond it is, down there at White Hart Lane.’
    • ‘It would be comforting to think that this city, despite its lapse into the present slough of despond and cultural wilderness, may yet rise like a phoenix from the ashes.’
    • ‘This week, however, they find themselves in the same place, a slough of despond.’
    • ‘His courage and large apprehensions keep his work out of the slough of despond.’
    • ‘A post-festive slough of despond descends like John Prescott in concrete boots and some of us are compelled to alleviate our symptoms with a spot of retail therapy.’
    • ‘The way out of my slough of despond, Striegel informed me in another telephone checkup, was to fundamentally change the way I thought about such goals.’
    • ‘Climbing slowly from the slough of despond, I have been helping out a commercial producer friend of mine casting a play (to be directed by someone else).’


The name of a deep boggy place in John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress between the City of Destruction and the gate at the beginning of Christian's journey.


Slough of Despond