Definition of slithery in US English:



  • See slither

    • ‘So when the rain came down and the tracks got all muddy and slithery, it was a good time to put the X Trail through its paces.’
    • ‘But Luskin's own record of slithery parsification forces us to assume that these words are carefully chosen to conceal rather than elucidate.’
    • ‘This slithery reptile can be found in the less developed parts of the estate, but face to face encounters such as that provided in the tour are rare.’
    • ‘I'm finally alerted by a creepy slithery, slippy step nearby on soppy, dew-saturated fallen leaves.’
    • ‘Analog keyboards and slithery electro sounds meet modern techno tweaking and tried-and-true rock staples on the second album by this British trio.’