Definition of slipware in US English:



  • Pottery decorated with slip.

    See slip
    • ‘The concentric borders of the black slipware rhymed with the concentric topographical rings in an aerial photograph of the Roden Crater; the visual connections between micro and macro were implicit.’
    • ‘Another diagnostic ceramic type is Staffordshire slipware, produced in England from 1670-1795.’
    • ‘A piece of 17th or 18th century north Italian slipware pottery was found close to a quay and could provide a date for its use.’
    • ‘Once we found a slipware owl which was apparently unique but, after the programme, five other owls turned up.’
    • ‘They include English slipware cups, stoneware mugs, German stoneware chamber pots, and locally produced earthenware related to preparing and cooking meals and personal hygiene.’
    • ‘More than 500 potters were working here, producing decorated and plain moulded pottery, mostly in the unmistakable red slipware.’
    • ‘Many of the dishes were served in Lebanese slipware bowls decorated with lovely brown and cream glazes.’
    • ‘A local historian will be on hand to appraise examples of the pottery's slipware pots and talk about the history of any pieces brought to her.’
    • ‘Its smooth shiny finish recalls the fine black slipware of ancient Etruria, while the globular body and pronounced lip recall Apulian geometric pottery.’
    • ‘The technique for making this marbled slipware is described in a source of 1677 in the ever engrossing notes.’