Definition of slip something in in US English:

slip something in

phrasal verb

  • Insert a remark smoothly or adroitly into a conversation.

    ‘she slipped in a question about the length of time he'd been working on the assignment’
    • ‘Not that he is going to let slip any details in this interview.’
    • ‘And then, they slipped the question in, subtly, under my defenses.’
    • ‘You defend yourself, then slip an accusation in under the table.’
    • ‘The way she says them aren't really like accusations, but more like… casual questions, as if she's slipping them in like it's just a part of every day conversation when we both know that this is really serious stuff.’
    • ‘Just slip an invitation in to the conversation like that.’
    • ‘Get your interviewee relaxed and then slip the difficult questions in when you are both comfortable.’