Definition of slimline in English:



  • (of a person or article) slender in design or build.

    ‘a slimline phone’
    • ‘Just like the decision in 2004 to stop stocking video players in favour of DVDs, it seems that the industry is deciding it is time for us all to move on into a slimline, digital future - whether we like it or not.’
    • ‘Both traditional, heavy jewellery, and the trendy slimline pieces are being bought, according to those in the trade.’
    • ‘So, come this weekend, I shall be two hundred and fifty dollars the poorer, but one slimline Bosch dishwasher the richer.’
    • ‘I phoned because I was delivered a slimline one by mistake and when I ordered a larger one I was told they had no stock and I had to wait possibly months as they were coming from Germany.’
    • ‘It seems that a shortage of the drives - particularly the slimline versions designed for laptops - can be attributed to a deficit of RF amplifiers (chips which boost radio signals).’
    • ‘The courtroom features modern IT facilities, with a slimline VDU and laptop point for everyone, including the clients, counsel and solicitors.’
    • ‘Today's slimline counterparts, crammed with memory and functionality, owe everything to the visionaries who laid these stepping stones before us.’
    • ‘The O'Driscolls showed a series of slimline upright chairs made with a powder coated enamelled steel frame to complement the table's base.’
    • ‘The slimline samples I have on hand are just excellent, with perfect crisp checkering and clean borders.’
    • ‘Now slimline Susie is enjoying a new lease of life after she changed her usual diet of chocolate drops for a controlled low-calorie dog food substitute.’
    • ‘Built into the slimline silver shell is a 1.8in 120 x 160 colour LCD and a 0.3 megapixel digicam.’
    • ‘I especially enjoyed the slimline yellow ones with black trimming.’
    • ‘A backless lace gown in a giant pink and turquoise paisley pattern seemed perfect for Hurley, who has regained her slimline figure just three months after giving birth to her first child.’
    • ‘It boasts good views over the city, an extra large bedroom with access to the roof terrace and a slimline dishwasher.’
    • ‘Unlike his slimline father, young Madden is possessed of a large frame and had established a reputation for hard - hitting batsmanship from the crease.’
    • ‘All viewers get are slimline cases housed in a cardboard sleeve.’
    • ‘At nearly 550 pages, it's not exactly slimline itself.’
    • ‘Again, it has nicely done packaging in a slimline case with a pretty neat insert.’
    • ‘In its normal not so efficient style, the council ignored my request for a slimline bin and delivered a standard sized one, even though the request for a slimline bin was sent in a month ago.’
    • ‘The drive tray is designed to hold a slimline optical drive at the front, and a 2.5 ‘laptop HDD across the back.’’
    narrow, slender, slimline
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