Definition of sleeve valve in US English:

sleeve valve


  • A valve in the form of a cylinder which slides to cover and uncover an inlet or outlet.

    • ‘The sleeve valves will be able to discharge a maximum of 25 cumecs each.’
    • ‘I understand that it wasn't poppet valves, nor sleeve valves, and certainly not disc valves.’
    • ‘Equal force should be exerted over each pin to avoid breaking the handle or cocking the inlet sleeve valve.’
    • ‘The fuel is admitted to each cylinder and the waste gases exhausted through mechanically operated poppet valves or sleeve valves.’
    • ‘Three or four way spool and sleeve valves are compact and provide long life cycles.’
    • ‘The sleeve valve is the only alternative to the poppet valve that has enjoyed significant commercial success.’
    • ‘Altogether, 130,000 sleeve valve aero engines were built mostly by the Bristol and Napier companies.’
    • ‘The best way I know of to see how a sleeve valve engine works, is to take one apart.’


sleeve valve

/ˈslēv ˌvalv/