Definition of sleeve board in US English:

sleeve board

(also sleeveboard)


  • A small ironing board over which a sleeve is pulled for pressing.

    • ‘There are also usually a few vintage wood sleeve boards with metal screw type clamps that fold up and away.’
    • ‘The manufactured sleeve boards you buy in the shops are pretty useless, so you're much better getting your local carpenter to make you one.’
    • ‘My sleeve board is the type professional tailors use rather than the small, collapsible type found in most fabric stores.’
    • ‘A hot iron storage compartment, accessory shelf, sleeve board, pilot light and garment hook are all standard, making this model our most complete ironing center.’
    • ‘I have 2 sleeve boards that I made myself, one larger than the other.’
    • ‘Rest the ends of the sleeve board on some books or something to hold it steady.’
    • ‘If you're hemming sleeves or pants legs, use a sleeve board as necessary to press the hem.’
    • ‘A main ventilation chamber and an auxiliary ventilation chamber associated with the ironing table and the sleeve board respectively, are mutually interconnected by an articulated tubular support of the sleeve board itself.’
    • ‘We have made over 120 patterns that include sleeve boards, small table top boards, and many other board sizes.’
    • ‘Brush off ironing boards, straighten the ironing area and return sleeve boards to the proper storage areas.’


sleeve board

/ˈslēv ˌbô(ə)rd/