Definition of sleepwear in US English:



  • Pajamas or other clothing suitable for wearing in bed.

    • ‘All sleepwear is to be flame retardant and should be safe with no strings or buttons that may be hazardous.’
    • ‘We can talk about something else like… your choice of sleepwear,’ he said looking at what she was wearing.’
    • ‘So she followed him into the car park still in her sleepwear.’
    • ‘She was still dressed in the over-sized t-shirt she considered sleepwear, hair askew and herbal tea cuddled in her hand.’
    • ‘Always dress your baby in non-flammable sleepwear.’
    • ‘Her early research was on the flammability of clothing materials, especially children's sleepwear, and processes for removing farm and garden pesticides from clothing.’
    • ‘Organic cotton clothing items available for infants include baby gowns, one-piece outfits, undershirts, sleepwear, booties, dresses, caps, jumpers, and bibs.’
    • ‘It felt weird to go from amazingly small clothing to overly sized, warm clothing that Colby always kept around for sleepwear.’
    • ‘We all must look silly standing outside in our sleepwear.’
    • ‘The antimony comes from flame-retardant sleepwear and baby sheets.’
    • ‘She checked to make sure the door was locked, then got changed into her sleepwear and crawled into her bed.’
    • ‘She noticed that he was looking towards the stairs, so she turned her gaze there and was surprised to see Katz in her sleepwear, holding her teddy bear tightly in her arms while staring at them with wide eyes.’
    • ‘She was dressed in a flowered kimono, which hid her sleepwear.’
    • ‘‘I'm going to shower first,’ Elle announced, pulling out her towel and sleepwear.’
    • ‘It was strange having boys and girls in one room, and everyone changed into their sleepwear in the bathrooms.’
    • ‘Val changed into her sleepwear and climbed into bed.’
    • ‘Cale shrugged and stripped down to his usual sleepwear.’
    • ‘His hand outstretched over her, and her nightgown faded into skimpy sleepwear.’
    • ‘And she also put them all to sleep simultaneously in each of their beds, with each of them wearing some appropriate sleepwear in their own respective beds.’
    • ‘After unloading the cars, unpacking, changing into sleepwear and finally sinking into the mattresses, all members of the crew were knocked out with the exhaustion of being on the road.’