Definition of sleep over in US English:

sleep over

phrasal verb

North American
  • Spend the night at a place other than one's own home.

    ‘Katie was asked to sleep over with Jenny’
    • ‘Evander had slept over a night here and there since moving out of course, but never prolonged his stay more than he had to.’
    • ‘One night when I slept over she told me she was going to cut off all my hair when I fell asleep.’
    • ‘Last night I slept over at my parents' house, in my old room, in my old bed.’
    • ‘Jade was sleeping over that night and they was making the best of it by watching movies, and eating popcorn.’
    • ‘Well, he slept over with Chris last night, and in the morning he was gone, and he hasn't returned yet.’
    • ‘Although we had spend several Friday or Saturday nights together sleeping over during that summer, this was very special.’
    • ‘Kari had slept over for the night, in yet another room.’
    • ‘She told the other girls, who had slept over the night before.’
    • ‘I'm no longer hung up on Jesse which is a good thing because he's coming to sleep over in three nights.’
    • ‘If you're going to have a big night, plan to sleep over or catch a cab.’