Definition of sleep deprivation in US English:

sleep deprivation


  • The situation or condition of suffering from a lack of sleep.

    ‘the biggest challenge she faced as a new mother was something most parents can relate to—sleep deprivation’
    • ‘This ongoing reassessment has involved abundant, empirically based documentation of the hazards of insomnia and sleep deprivation in general, along with details of what constitutes an appropriate quota of dormant hours.’
    • ‘On returning from maternity leave, she will be experiencing sleep deprivation and re-entry shock, and some initial flexibility will make for a smoother transition.’
    • ‘He found that people who suffered from sleep deprivation were as bad as, or worse than, those over the legal limit for alcohol when faced with standard driving ability tests.’
    • ‘The army has performed extensive studies to determine the effects of sleep deprivation on the human mind.’
    • ‘He thought her inability to recall the circumstances of the killing was likely to have been impaired by substance abuse and consequent sleep deprivation.’
    • ‘He suffers from sleep deprivation and it is beginning to affect his work.’
    • ‘With trains passing every hour and a half, it had the great advantage that sleep deprivation forced unwelcome visitors to stay no more than two days.’
    • ‘Sleep deprivation can lead to irritability, a weakened immune system, and difficulty solving problems—all of which can hurt productivity.’
    • ‘Gripped by a palpable fatigue due to work pressure, he remains eloquent and sweetly amusing, despite complaining of sleep deprivation.’
    • ‘From all this sleep deprivation, I am extremely grumpy.’