Definition of sleep around in US English:

sleep around

phrasal verb

  • Have many casual sexual partners.

    • ‘It is assumed that you only get pregnant if you sleep around.’
    • ‘I wish my roommate could stop sleeping around with every man she comes into contact with.’
    • ‘When he did, she was angry and admitted she had been sleeping around during their entire relationship.’
    • ‘Threesomes are very common in gay relationships, often though they are used as a way to appease a partner who wants to sleep around.’
    • ‘He is not sleeping around outside of our marriage, as far as I know.’
    • ‘They are lovers, but he sleeps around with other women too.’
    • ‘She knows he is sleeping around but she won't use condoms because ‘that would look as if I don't trust him.’’
    • ‘Now, she just felt like a person who sleeps around seeking sexual gratification.’
    • ‘Before I met him, he was quite wild - drinking and sleeping around.’
    • ‘But anyone can sleep around, what is risqué about that?’