Definition of sleep-in in US English:



  • attributive (of a domestic employee) resident in an employer's house.

    ‘a sleep-in babysitter’
    • ‘A recent ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld the claim of a sleep-in worker for such sleep-in time to be considered working time.’
    • ‘The former included a second carer for 6 hours a day in addition to 24-hour care by one carer, with sleep-in care for 10 hours.’
    • ‘A night awake carer would be paid for the full 10 hours overnight care whereas a sleep-in carer would be paid for 6 of those hours.’
    • ‘We are looking for a full time sleep-in domestic worker.’


  • A form of protest in which the participants sleep overnight in premises that they have occupied.

    ‘a student sleep-in began last night’
    • ‘An assessment was made of the sleep-in by some 60 students at the college the previous Thursday.’
    • ‘I'm glad to have seen some more of the sleep-in footage, though. It was an event that I believe was incredibly successful.’
    • ‘The group of friendly housing activists isn't exactly holding a sleep-in on the mayor's couch - but his staff is obviously uncomfortable.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a New Yorker, after seeing the sleep-in on the national news, ordered the students two pepperoni pizzas and a cheese pizza from the pizza joint across the street.’
    • ‘They were joined by students, who organized a sit-in and a sleep-in at the senate chambers in 2001.’