Definition of sled dog in English:

sled dog


  • A dog trained to pull a sled, especially as one of a team.

    • ‘One time, we went to a cabin by the frozen Yukon river that you could only get to by sled dog and the chap there served us cups of tea.’
    • ‘He learned the necessary skills of a sled dog, which included digging under the snow at night for warmth, surviving on far less food than he was used to, stealing food from other dogs, and the knack for pulling a load.’
    • ‘From San Francisco, he is transported yet again to Seattle, Washington to be sold as a sled dog.’
    • ‘Mr Marle, 56, said: ‘He is a bit of a canine athlete as he is essentially a working sled dog.’’
    • ‘Siberian Huskies are a strong graceful and energetic sled dog.’