Definition of Slavophile in US English:



  • A person who greatly admires the Slavic peoples or their languages.

    • ‘On the other hand, this apology from Khomyakov, the archetypal Slavophile, was first written in French.’
    • ‘In her religious convictions and attitude to the people, Liza may be seen as something of a Slavophile heroine.’
    • ‘It had coincided with soul-searching on an ideological level, which had changed Herzen from ardent Westerniser to something more akin to a Slavophile socialist.’
    • ‘They were also socialists, but unlike their Slavophile counterparts, they did not believe in a utopia.’
    • ‘The major opponents of the Slavophile position were the western influenced Nihilists.’
    • ‘Solzhenitsyn also has publicly expressed admiration for some notorious anti-Semites, such as the Slavophile writers Vladimir Soloukhin, Valentin Rasputin, and Vasily Belov.’
    • ‘Moscow was regarded as full-blooded Russian, Slavophile, hospitable - in other words, the very heart of Russia.’
    • ‘Sakwa evidently has no patience with the easy assumption that this Russian leader marks no more than a relapse into tsarist practices and Slavophile dogma.’
    • ‘Turgenev had already given a polemical portrait of the peasant-loving Slavophile, Konstantin Aksakov.’
    • ‘Owen's publications have emphasized the intellectual foundations of Russian entrepreneurship in the Slavophile movement of the mid-nineteenth century.’
    • ‘For all his rebuttal of Slavophile views on the peasants, the Aksakovs were capable of influencing his writing.’
    • ‘It is, in addition, a statement of the code of values of the Slavophile creed.’
    • ‘In his book " Discourse on Pushkin ", Dostoevsky describes the Slavophile position.’
    • ‘But in Hutz's case, energy and stage presence trump his seemingly insincere stance as revolutionary Slavophile.’
    • ‘When Potugin describes Gubarev as a Slavophile, we should realise that Turgenev, through his mouthpiece Potugin, is making a wounding polemical point.’
    • ‘The Slavophile branch of the zemstvo movement, the so-called ' Octobrists ', duly accepted these concessions and rallied to the throne.’
    • ‘In Russia and Europe, the Slavophile Nikolay Danilevskiy argued that Russia possessed a distinctive Slavic civilization of its own, midway between Europe and Asia.’
    • ‘In the second chapter, Owen explores Chizhov's efforts at advocating Slavophile capitalism.’
    • ‘As a key early advocate of nationalistic Slavophile capitalism Chizhov was closely allied to the Moscow merchants.’
    • ‘is light years away from any Slavophile view of the role of the obshchina in Russian life.’