Definition of Slavonic in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See also Church Slavic
    another term for Slavic
    • ‘Like most Slavonic languages, Macedonian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet.’
    • ‘As for my daughter, the name Yana is common in Slavonic languages.’
    • ‘After the mission the two brothers returned to Constantinople and devoted their time and energy to translating liturgical texts into the Slavonic language.’
    • ‘Since the 1980s a number of interesting articles and conference papers have been published on Baltic and Slavonic funeral ritual.’
    • ‘It was eventually adopted in Slavonic translation as a festal hymn by the Russian Orthodox Church.’


From medieval Latin S(c)lavonicus, from S(c)lavonia ‘country of the Slavs’, from Sclavus (see Slav).