Definition of Slave State in US English:

Slave State

(also slave state)


  • Any of the southern states of the US in which slavery was legal before the Civil War.

    • ‘‘We are in favor of making Kansas a ‘Slave State’ if it should require half of the citizens of Missouri, musket in hand, to emigrate there,’ declared the Liberty Democratic Platform.’
    • ‘The Red States were Slave Importing States, and the Pink States Were Slave States that Exported Slaves.’
    • ‘The publication in 1862 of Charles Ingersoll's pro-Southern pamphlet, ‘Letter to a Friend in a Slave State,’ marked the end of the elite dissenters' restraint.’
    • ‘He wrote a book - Letters from the Slave States - which contains interviews with plantation owners and former slaves.’
    • ‘The Statutes of the Slave States not only make no provision for a general Emancipation, but they obstruct and prevent Emancipations by the Master.’


Slave State

/ˈslāv ˌstāt/