Definition of slave driver in US English:

slave driver


  • 1A person who oversees and urges on slaves at work.

    • ‘The man was our slave-driver; he owned us in pretty much every way possible.’
    • ‘Immediately, however, the would-be slave-drivers of Indians discovered that there was a fatal flaw in their grand plan of exploiting the indigenous population of the New World.’
    • ‘Near the end of their time in America, Dixon tears the whip from the hand of a slave driver busy beating his property; whom Dixon frees.’
    • ‘He looked in the Torah and saw that Moses defended his people against the slave driver.’
    • ‘He tried selling me to every other merchant and slave driver that he passed, but none of them would buy me until you came along.’
    • ‘They also wore rudimentary robes so that a slave driver wouldn't yell at them for not showing they were there.’
    • ‘Those who try to stop it - as Dixon does when he challenges the slave driver - are not fools.’
    • ‘And, when a slave begins to get out of control, the slave driver has to, in some cases, take drastic measures.’
    1. 1.1informal A person who works others very hard.
      • ‘He was a slave driver and really made people work.’
      • ‘You're such a slave driver!’
      • ‘An athlete often needs more of a companion than a slave driver.’
      • ‘Dick has long been the slave driver of the group as far as getting things ready are concerned.’
      • ‘He's a bit of a slave driver.’
      • ‘The girls had joked that I was a slave driver even at sleepovers.’
      • ‘Next time you call your boss a "slave driver" watch out.’
      • ‘Horror stories have been cited of unfortunate junior doctors being forced to work entire weekends on their own with no sleep or food by slave driver health board paymasters.’
      • ‘They were constantly telling us that we were slave drivers and refusing to do chores for health and safety reasons.’
      • ‘In the eyes of someone who just sees a fragment of my life, they may see me as a dictator, they may see me as a slave driver.’
      taskmaster, hard taskmaster, taskmistress, hard taskmistress, tyrant
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slave driver

/slāv ˈdrīvər/