Definition of slave-making ant in US English:

slave-making ant

(also slave-maker ant)


  • An ant that raids the nests of other ant species and steals the pupae, which later become workers in the new colony.

    Several species in the family Formicidae, in particular the European Formica sanguinea. See also amazon ant

    • ‘But unlike parasitic slave-maker ants, which raid and virtually destroy the colonies of unsuspecting hosts, L. minutissimus appears to move in and live amiably with its host.’
    • ‘Field and genetic research on slave-making ants has ballooned in the past decade.’
    • ‘An uneven battle ensues, in which the slave-making ants can be said to win the war.’
    • ‘Without presuming to answer the question, he demonstrated how natural selection works to refine instinct in such cases as slave-making ants or hive-making bees.’
    • ‘The slave-making ants go to the nest of another ant-species to rob pupae, which are carried back.’