Definition of slaty in US English:



  • See slate

    • ‘In the slaty light of one such foggy dawn, a long-legged Namib beetle (genus Stenocara) stands on a small ridge of sand.’
    • ‘The slaty cleavage precludes recovery of any fossils.’
    • ‘Beyond the strip of level ground there is a ‘short steep preparatory slope’ (a one-in-three incline, as we later learn), slaty and with only the sparsest vegetation.’
    • ‘Plumage color of homozygous birds varies from slaty blue to beige depending on the relative abundance of eumelanin and pheomelanin in the feathers.’
    • ‘Others have ‘purple ‘flowers, ranging from deep, slaty purple to pinkish purple; some with lines or spots of a darker color.’’