Definition of slater in US English:



  • 1A person who slates roofs for a living.

    • ‘There Naismith worked, as best he could given his poor health, as a plasterer and slater.’
    • ‘A slater from Skipton was tried at the town hall on a charge of wilful damage to a confectionery stall.’
    • ‘Mum was a cook, while Dad was a slater.’
    • ‘Once the ditches have disappeared, the rhythm of tiler and slater, no hand signals, will be translated into a bag of shadows inside a furnace.’
    • ‘Gavin's father, Sinclair Innes, a local slater and builder, confirmed that his son was playing with another youngster when the accident happened.’
    • ‘Sangster, a retired slater, added: ‘The girl at the stonemason's yard was a bit taken aback when I told her the stone was for me.’’
    • ‘He helped Percy evade the Germans, and in no time had landed him a job as a slater, working near Calais.’
    • ‘Tony stared off in the building trade and quickly settled into work as a roof slater.’
  • 2A wood louse or similar isopod.

    Several species in the order Isopoda. See also sea slater

    • ‘Visitors have viewed many types of spiders, beetles and slaters under bright lights and microscopes.’
    • ‘The sea slater Ligia oceanica is another relative of the woodlouse, it lives in the splash zone on rocky shores and can grow surprisingly large, about 2.5 cm.’
    • ‘I could also see large marine isopods, looking like giant marine slaters, and some flower-like sea lilies (crinoids, a group of echinoderms related to starfishes).’
    • ‘A few Crustacea (slaters or sow bugs) even live on land, usually under old logs and leaf litter.’
    • ‘The animal at the left is an Australian Slater, or terrestrial isopod from Lord Howe Island.’