Definition of slashing in English:



  • attributive Vigorously incisive or effective.

    ‘a slashing magazine attack on her’
    • ‘The problem is that the most lasting impression he made in 1988 was that of a slashing, desperate, slightly mean candidate.’
    • ‘While this would make liberals feel better, many Americans revere the Presidency and won't take kindly to a slashing exchange.’
    • ‘The White House didn't want to have the president out last night making a slashing campaign speech in late February.’
    • ‘What bothers me isn't the political attack on Bush, but how the senator's idea is a slashing blow to the support for the troops.’
    • ‘The Argentine was one of the greatest shows in Indianapolis with an slashing, run-and-jump style that was also one of the biggest assets of his squad.’
    • ‘He also became known for his tart, slashing criticism about tax policy - including policies devised by people whose general goals he shared.’
    devastating, withering, blistering, extremely critical, searing, scorching, fierce, ferocious, savage, severe, stinging, biting, cutting, incisive, mordant, trenchant, virulent, caustic, vitriolic, scornful, sharp, bitter, acid, harsh, unsparing
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