Definition of slap in the face in US English:

slap in the face


  • An unexpected rejection or affront.

    • ‘To use Memorial Day to make up for a snow day is a slap in the face to every person in Alexandria who has lost someone to the perils of war.’
    • ‘Now they insult all the victims or off-spring with this slap in the face.’
    • ‘A big World Cup would be a slap in the face for the doubters, not to mention providing a huge boost for the chances of the Wallabies.’
    • ‘It was a slap in the face that Canada's indigenous people have not forgotten.’
    • ‘It's almost a slap in the face that because of this, I will potentially have to change my whole life.’
    • ‘The loss of announcers and the lack of moves called is a slap in the face and an insult to wrestling.’
    • ‘It's a slap in the face to the victims and to the families of these people.’
    • ‘That it was also a sacrilegious slap in the face to the Christian faith was little remarked upon.’
    • ‘It would be an insult to Scottish women to allow him to fight here, and it is a slap in the face over all the campaigns against domestic violence against women.’
    • ‘For every pat on the back there has been a slap in the face.’
    rebuff, rejection, snub, insult, affront, put-down, humiliation, a blow to one's pride
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