Definition of slap bass in US English:

slap bass


  • A style of playing double bass or bass guitar by pulling and releasing the strings sharply against the fingerboard, used for effect in jazz or popular music.

    • ‘So maybe he'll do the rounds and give us a slap bass solo next!’
    • ‘But that doesn't quite capture how alien sounding it actually is - it isn't quite funk, but it is funky, full of slap bass, slashing guitar riffs and loads of percussion.’
    • ‘The club was a cacophony of down tuned guitars, slap bass and the drummer's double kick.’
    • ‘Nothing is overplayed, there are no slap bass antics here.’
    • ‘This is going to put a whole new twist on album reviews… I wonder if it will result in a new trend for slap bass?’


slap bass

/ˈslap ˌbās/