Definition of skyway in US English:



  • 1A recognized route followed by aircraft.

    ‘skyways, from 18,000 to 40,000 feet, resemble a highway system’
    • ‘Rocket belts will increase a man's stride to 30 feet, and bus-type helicopters will travel along crowded air skyways.’
    • ‘And the highways and skyways are expected to be jammed today as the Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close.’
    • ‘Using anti-grav beacon technology linked with vehicle computers, the skyways allow flying cars to safely travel domestic routes at varying altitudes’
    • ‘As motorways become more and more clogged up with traffic, a new generation of flying cars will be needed to ferry people along skyways.’
    • ‘Speeding off into the skyway, the bus took flight, and the wake of the enormous vehicle blew away the hat of a young human child.’
    • ‘We've cleared airspace for you, and it's a perfectly sunny day throughout the skyway you'll be traveling.’
    • ‘Port Town uses skyways and starships make less pollution than cars, so you probably did see stars… a rarity in any city these days.’
    • ‘The VASC captured futuristic designs in a special NASA display that shows airplane concepts that may some day fly on an interstate skyway.’
  • 2

    another term for skywalk
    • ‘He crossed the skyway and waited in the first security check line.’
    • ‘You still see people cross the road in the middle of traffic, though there is a skyway or a subway for them.’
    • ‘There are catwalk skyways, a mezzanine bar, and lots of roomy, Steven Seagal-era power banquettes made of shiny black vinyl.’
    • ‘Around '95 I opened a recording studio in an office building that was part of the skyway system in downtown St. Paul.’
    • ‘The party reaches the top of the tower and crosses a short skyway and ends up in another large room.’
    • ‘Road overbridges and underbridges, skyways and walkways are welcome, but people must be educated on their use.’
    • ‘Glistening windows ran past us as we flew by the skyscrapers, a skyway level above the evening traffic.’
    • ‘Walk along the arterial skyway, and below you will see a sea of bus stands.’
    • ‘A Striker suddenly waltzed around the corner and started through the skyway towards him.’
    • ‘But around two o'clock, the skyway level slows way down.’
  • 3An elevated highway.

    ‘over the marsh rises the Pulaski Skyway, a mile-long flyover’
    • ‘I finally woke for good as we were on the Chicago skyway bridges.’
    • ‘The skyways are jammed with trains, planes and automobiles and the cities have more exciting architecture than you might expect.’
    • ‘Many noisy hovercars and buses littered the lower skyways, contributing toward the city's perpetual commotion.’
    • ‘Aislinn led the way to the prison, trying to travel the back alleys she knew so well instead of the main skyways and highways.’
    • ‘He took the elevated adway down to the Safe Streets skyway interchange, pausing long enough to fish his roadcard out of its tolljacker sheath.’
    • ‘The web of pathways, highways, shipways and skyways has been growing ever since.’
    • ‘Far below that was the massive tangle of the intertwining lower skyway tracks, which supported hovering vehicles and the network of maglev trains.’
    • ‘The government was urged to use the Baht 60 million fund granted by KfW to study the feasibility of the elevated railway and skyway project.’
    • ‘The loveliest of the four, Gavidaee Commons, saw most of its retail above the skyway level converted to bank offices.’
    • ‘The easiest way to enter Block E is through the Seventh Street hangar doors by car; from there the parking ramp elevator whisks would-be patrons up to the skyway level.’
    • ‘A major skyway nearby had been shattered completely, the ruined cars forming a junkyard at the bottom of the long drop.’