Definition of skyscraping in US English:



  • Extremely high or tall.

    ‘skyscraping hotels’
    • ‘She accentuated her bare legs even further with some skyscraping heels.’
    • ‘South of Crete are farms and farmers, to the north lies the metropolitan area in all its skyscraping grandeur.’
    • ‘Visually, this skyscraping sci-fi city/state may look like a cross between Le Corbusier's Brasilia, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and a cleaned-up Manhattan, but its foundations are firmly rooted in Chinese beliefs.’
    • ‘Although surrounded by a demolition site, skyscraping cranes and dozens of builders, a hospital is running as normal.’
    • ‘We are in the midst of an unprecedented building boom downtown with almost 150 new glass and steel towers reaching for the clouds, more skyscraping construction than anywhere else in North America.’
    • ‘After a 12 hour flight and a 1 hour drive from Shanghai's Pudong airport we had arrived beneath Shanghai's stunning skyscraping skyline.’
    • ‘The foremost and most popular activity in the province of skyscraping mountains is trekking.’
    • ‘As the first truly skyscraping tower built in the City since 1979, this building cannot be accused of being a monotonous skin-deep icon.’
    • ‘It ranges from rustic villages, Bedouin encampments, skyscraping cities, tumbledown temples and other ancient ruins.’
    • ‘Think a big guitar sound, bouncing bass lines, Liberal dashes of Hammond organ, skyscraping harmonies and the most soulful vocal you're ever likely to hear on this Island and you're halfway there.’
    • ‘Sathorn Road is now packed with skyscraping buildings.’
    • ‘Maisie Dixon performed a skyscraping vault that landed her first place on the piece and eighth overall in the Espoir category.’