Definition of skyrocket in US English:


nounPlural skyrockets

  • A rocket designed to explode high in the air as a signal or firework.

    • ‘Along with this it vibrates quite violently in the old skyrocket until I get it out and press the yes.’
    • ‘The album opens with a string of potential singles, lined up to be launched like skyrockets.’
    • ‘The crowd at St Heliers Bay was a rowdy bunch that year, with music, alcohol, fireworks, skyrockets and copious amounts of police.’
    • ‘Edge continues to launch intellectual skyrockets of stunning brilliance.’
    • ‘Wats are to be adorned with lanterns, flowers and joss sticks as symbols of worship, and skyrockets will be lit for three days to celebrate.’
    • ‘With tailored suits and ties as bright as a skyrocket, he's the Dapper Don.’
    • ‘There is no other arena that offers such a skyrocket to esteem.’

verbskyrocketing, skyrockets, skyrocketed

[no object]informal
  • (of a price, rate, or amount) increase very steeply or rapidly.

    ‘the cost of housing has skyrocketed’
    • ‘We add a touchscreen and suddenly the price for the same spec skyrockets into the $1500 and over range.’
    • ‘Similarly, the wine list starts at $26 and skyrockets into triple digits pretty quickly.’
    • ‘One effect of that is that the urge to find ways to make a buck rather than a peso for a work-unit skyrockets.’
    • ‘With the implementation of the new system, Huang told the newspaper he expected to see the number skyrocket to 30 percent.’
    • ‘The entertainment level just skyrockets on that second viewing.’
    • ‘Indeed, at the first indication of American casualties, political risk skyrockets.’
    • ‘The new series' total point fund skyrockets from $750,000 to $2 million.’
    • ‘My eyes turn to back to Julian and my heartbeat skyrockets.’
    • ‘This figure skyrockets when a team reaches the top flight.’
    • ‘Add the proceeds of tax evasion and the figure skyrockets to $1 trillion.’
    • ‘Upon his release, his boxing career skyrockets.’
    • ‘As tuition skyrockets, financial aid has become as elusive as that needle in the proverbial haystack.’
    • ‘Her loving smile made the guilt in my stomach skyrocket, but freed me of my tears.’
    • ‘But when you can rope a World Cup winner, your credibility skyrockets.’
    • ‘In the springtime, when the animal has its growth spurt, this shortage skyrockets to 60 percent.’
    • ‘When these two lock horns, the film's energy level skyrockets.’
    • ‘When you talk about fiction, the number skyrockets to 90 percent.’
    • ‘Homer's popularity skyrockets when he is chosen as the leader of a secret organization.’
    • ‘Though the bluefin market skyrockets during this time, most of the US catch ends up on the auction block in Tokyo.’
    • ‘Grind and roast those beans, and the value skyrockets more than 10 times, to $18 a kilo.’
    grow larger, grow greater, grow, enlarge, increase, expand, rise, wax, mount, escalate, accelerate, step up, accumulate, surge, multiply, proliferate, snowball, mushroom
    increase, rise, growth, expansion, escalation, acceleration, surge, stepping-up, proliferation, snowballing, mushrooming, skyrocketing
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