Definition of skybox in US English:



North American
  • A luxurious enclosed seating area located high in a sports arena.

    • ‘They hit the door to the skybox area only to find it locked.’
    • ‘Please, join me tomorrow at the preliminaries in the skybox.’
    • ‘They rented a skybox like the other broadcasters.’
    • ‘Or maybe you'll spot your favorite celeb in the VIP skyboxes at Rain Nightclub, the hottest dance club in Las Vegas.’
    • ‘Dead Center uses no new technology, just a new philosophy equivalent to trading skybox seats on the 50-yard line for the upper deck.’
    • ‘A flat array in the vertical plane will send too much energy toward reflective areas such as skyboxes and wall surfaces.’
    • ‘The skybox was simple, decorated with large pictures of Secretariat, Sea Biscuit, Man O’ War, and other racing greats.’
    • ‘Nascar hasn't been marketed to the masses for some time now (think of skyboxes, corporate suites, etc.).’
    • ‘The home of the Chargers is too small and, even more importantly, far too short on skyboxes.’
    • ‘The Centerplate Co., which has the contract for the East and West club sections as well as the skyboxes, stepped up the fare.’
    • ‘While working with Abramoff, Ralston arranged fundraisers and events at Washington MCI Center skyboxes for members of Congress.’
    • ‘You could catch Favre stealing an occasional glance up at the skybox where Irvin used to sit and watch him play.’
    • ‘The Crescent City became the Super Bowl of disasters and we had skybox seats.’
    • ‘We can't have one official in a skybox controlling the tempo of a game.’
    • ‘He looked up to the skybox area at the top of the building, where a boss would overlook the work of his employees, to see Tussic waving at him.’
    • ‘Now she has her own skybox, where she entertains board members with twelve-year-old scotch, served by twenty-year-old interns.’
    • ‘I enjoy a sunny afternoon at the ballpark on occasion, and I can appreciate a well-stocked skybox just as much as the next guy.’
    • ‘No one's forcing anyone to buy skybox seats, tune in to Monday Night Football or plunk down a Ben Franklin for that replica jersey.’
    • ‘Earlier this month I posted a roster of congressional staffers given tickets for a WWF event at the Abramoff skybox back in October 2000.’
    • ‘They did lots of things to improve the amount of money the team brought in, though, like installing lights and skyboxes.’