Definition of skunky in US English:



  • 1Like a skunk.

    • ‘Fritillaria imperialis is also something deer don't like and its strong skunky scent is repellent to many other creatures as well, including some humans.’
    • ‘As I dropped off my laundry I could smell the sweet skunky odor rising out of my pants pocket, yikes!’
    • ‘You could describe Brit as spunky, but never skunky.’
    • ‘Million is just putrid, stinking like that old container of chunky, skunky eggnog from last Christmas that you forgot to throw away.’
  • 2Disagreeably tainted.

    ‘skunky beer’
    • ‘Slightly fruity, consistently skunky and infamous for its hangover potential, most aficionados drink it for the fame, not the flavour.’
    • ‘It's like someone threw a rotten egg into a bottle of spoiled milk and skunky beer.’
    • ‘If you've got one of its skunky previous DVD editions, it's time to turn that turkey into a Christmas tree ornament and take a step up in quality.’
    • ‘I've got some beer we've got to finish before it goes skunky.’
    • ‘I don't like skunky beer, but I don't allow that to color my opinion of the Canadians.’
    • ‘Beer sugars that are left uncared for become mouldy and skunky.’