Definition of skunk cabbage in US English:

skunk cabbage


  • A North American plant of the arum family, the flower of which has a distinctive unpleasant smell.

    Two species in the family Araceae: the western yellow skunk cabbage (Lysichitum americanum), with a stalked yellow flower, and the eastern Symplocarpus foetidus, with a greenish purple flower

    • ‘I'm surrounded by tussock sedge, alder, jewelweed, skunk cabbage, and swamp rose.’
    • ‘Hill suggests adding another giant, the skunk cabbage.’
    • ‘We made rolls out of the grains and wrapped them in the eatable parts of the skunk cabbage we gathered.’
    • ‘The earliest - and arguably the most resourceful - of the spring flowers is the skunk cabbage, ubiquitous in the wet places of North America and Eurasia.’
    • ‘In Co Galway, the bog garden at Ardcarraig is planted with drifts of candelabra Primulas, skunk cabbage, Meconopis, Iris and Astilbes.’
    • ‘Large ferns and giant skunk cabbage spring like green fountains from the dark soil.’
    • ‘Bateman incorporated a skunk cabbage at the bottom to show ‘the whole thing stinks.’’
    • ‘The skunk cabbage was one of his most successful introductions.’
    • ‘While walking through a deep, black stretch of trees I smelled a strange combination of fried onions and skunk cabbage.’
    • ‘The other side of Oak Beck is a damp patch of sweet and sour - wild garlic, and growing through it, naturalised skunk cabbages.’
    • ‘I traveled down to a brook among dark maples, where the early skunk cabbage leaves were just beginning to appear.’
    • ‘The skunk cabbage's reputation for malodorousness has deprived generations of early-spring swamp explorers of a pleasurable experience.’
    • ‘It's a South American species, Xanthosoma robustum, that's related to the dead-horse arum, philodendron, and skunk cabbage.’
    • ‘We're surrounded by tussock sedge, alder, jewelweed, skunk cabbage and swamp rose.’
    • ‘Broad-leaved arrowhead and lizard's tail are found where the water is deepest, while skunk cabbage, with its huge leaves, lines the perimeter of the fen.’
    • ‘Leeks, skunk cabbage, and wild garlic soon seasoned the beans, bear, rabbit, and venison on colonists' plates.’
    • ‘Fly-pollinated plants, like the skunk cabbage of North America or the stinking corpse lily of Madagascar, typically have quite pungent odors.’
    • ‘It is the iron and must of rain water plopping out of spruce needles in big, fat drops, plunking among bear bread, moss, and skunk cabbage.’