Definition of skittery in US English:



  • Restless; skittish.

    ‘a skittery horse’
    • ‘Character and script are more important than plot, which is pretty much coherent but skittery.’
    • ‘I have an adopted stray semi-psycho cat, and she has twice lived with other cats, and that has only made her more skittery.’
    • ‘Plenty of skittery clicks and cuts finish the mix.’
    • ‘In her speedy, skittery conversational style, Karen, 27, says that giving everything of herself didn't leave much.’
    • ‘He faced me fully, looking nervous and skittery.’
    • ‘I still remember that tight skittery feeling in the pit of my stomach from all the different schools I attended.’
    • ‘Sunny days are okay, but if the water is sub 10-feet the bream can be shy and skittery and bites are difficult to hit.’
    • ‘Humpies and dogs are jumping their skittery jumps along the skin of the water.’
    • ‘The standout songs are the slow-burning piano jam ‘Selfish’ and the skittery funk of ‘Do You.’’
    restive, excitable, nervous, easily frightened
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