Definition of skirt steak in US English:

skirt steak


  • A beefsteak cut from the diaphragm muscle.

    • ‘Order skirt steak in other parts of the Midwest, and the butcher-paper-wrapped package may bear the label ‘steak for fajitas.’’
    • ‘This year at the Pocono 500, we did polenta, shrimp scampi, barbecue brisket, ribs, skirt steak, braciole and berries with zabaglione.’
    • ‘The only false note among the entrées was a skirt steak that I found a bit liverish.’
    • ‘In Argentina a pepper sauce might be used to spice up an indifferent cut of meat, a slightly stringy piece of rump or some cheap skirt steak.’
    • ‘I was ordering pallets full of skirt steaks and chicken breasts.’
    • ‘We also had the Mexican style skirt steak with cheese enchilada and Mexican rice and beans, sizzling fajitas and the BBQ ribs.’