Definition of skippet in US English:



  • A small round wooden box used to preserve documents and seals.

    • ‘A stream of corrosive acid sprays out from the skippet, catching you in the chest as you leap back in terror.’
    • ‘A removable shelf allows the object to be removed from the box without exerting stress on the binding, skippet, tassels, and metallic cord.’
    • ‘The object attached by the braided cord, called a skippet, contains the seal of the French government impressed in wax.’
    • ‘The Seal, made of green beeswax and placed in a metal box called a skippet, hung like a pendant from the document.’
    • ‘From the scroll are suspended the officer of arms’ wax seals in their brass skippets.’


Late Middle English: of unknown origin.