Definition of skin diving in English:

skin diving


  • The action or sport of swimming under water without a diving suit, typically in deep water using an aqualung and flippers.

    • ‘‘We decided that we had to separate skin diving from scuba diving because of the safety aspect,’ he said.’
    • ‘Simply dismissed as just a tourist island by the few dive operators, little has been explored beyond skin diving depths.’
    • ‘Shallow Water Blackout is most commonly associated with skin diving.’
    • ‘The book is focused on skin diving, but the sections on breath holding and physiology can be applied to surfing.’
    • ‘On the coast, popular water sports include sailing, skin diving, and deep-sea fishing.’
    • ‘For Ben Laycock, an artist from Castlemaine, a trip to East Gippsland usually means skin diving off the nearby coast.’
    • ‘Visitors can also indulge in surfing and skin diving.’


  • skin diver

      • ‘We look out the restaurant balcony and in the sea there is a skin-diver.’
      • ‘And he pulled it off so well people thought he was a skin-diver, which is the greatest compliment an actor can receive - when you are the guy.’


skin diving

/ˈskin ˌdīviNG/