Definition of skimp in US English:



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  • Expend or use less time, money, or material on something than is necessary in an attempt to economize.

    ‘don't skimp on insurance when you travel overseas’
    • ‘And they didn't skimp on the cheese either; there was enough for every chip.’
    • ‘So more people, especially those of modest means, would tend to skimp on prevention to save money.’
    • ‘Risotto is the only real vegetarian option and, fortunately for the non-carnivorous, it doesn't skimp on mushrooms and pine nuts.’
    • ‘But the fact is that justice costs, and if we skimp on the money, then we skimp on the justice too.’
    • ‘But don't skimp on the lemon juice - you'll need the acid to make the flank steak tender.’
    • ‘Eat in a fancy restaurant once a week, but never again skimp on groceries, and cook really awesome meals the other 6 nights.’
    • ‘With each model, the Japanese auto makers are trying to ensure buyers get a car that offers better fuel economy but doesn't skimp on power and comfort.’
    • ‘It's important for us not to skimp on the musical side.’
    • ‘Some people look at the PSU as a component they can skimp on to save money to buy other parts, but that is a flaw in logic.’
    • ‘In the knowledge economy, we can't skimp on research.’
    • ‘Did you spend so much on CGI that you had to skimp on blood packs?’
    • ‘Don't skimp on necessities like line, hooks and so on.’
    • ‘The US $169 starting price is quite attractive, and HP does not skimp on features.’
    • ‘If we skimp on the satellite and spyplane fleet, we'll regret it.’
    • ‘When you are the founder of a company, you want to skimp on frills; they seem like a waste of money to you.’
    • ‘When we skimp on any one component, the others suffer, and therefore render a weekend almost completely useless.’
    • ‘The band prefers to keep things very understated, but they never skimp on melody or song structure, which, though simple, doesn't fail to captivate.’
    • ‘I just hope Tom hires Bentel & Bentel again to design the new interior and doesn't skimp on the look.’
    • ‘Don't skimp on the visual look of your plan; work with a local print shop to make it colorful and enjoyable to read and have.’
    • ‘Every day, they must skimp on meals, they must exercise, and sometimes they have to take medicine to help them lose weight.’
    stint on, scrimp on, be sparing with, be economical with, economize on, be frugal with, cut back on
    do hastily, do carelessly, dash off, cut corners with
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Late 18th century: of unknown origin; compare with scamp and scrimp.