Definition of skillfully in US English:


(British skilfully)


  • With skill or dexterity; cleverly.

    ‘a skillfully crafted thriller’
    ‘skillfully carved marble handicrafts’
    ‘they skillfully evaded the question’
    • ‘He skilfully convinces Othello that his wife Desdemona has been adulterous with Cassio.’
    • ‘I was speedily made aware of rich, firm tonal assurance by each player, and the way they skilfully blended together.’
    • ‘The elements of photography have been skilfully woven into the cinematography.’
    • ‘This five-minute masterwork is complete with a skilfully composed guitar lead, which appears in the midst of trance-like musical conditions.’
    • ‘Even with its uneven moments, it is a skilfully written book that never stops inventing.’
    • ‘The film skilfully keeps the leads straight, relying on support to bear the brunt of the comedy.’
    • ‘Even in his climactic speech, he skilfully keeps you guessing.’
    • ‘They scarcely knew one another personally, but the idea of a group identity was skilfully promoted by the Kansas art dealer.’
    • ‘The characters are credible and beguiling, and skilfully rendered by the cast.’
    • ‘The chilling realities of street life are skilfully combined with the familiar trappings of adolescence to create a tense, powerful drama.’