Definition of skier in English:



  • A person who skis.

    • ‘After completing their ski run, other skiers in the group realized Phillips was missing and went back to look for him.’
    • ‘During such a test, the skier should avoid snowplowing and sliding on turns.’
    • ‘However, a skilled skier can get adequate grip from a wide variety of skis and waxes.’
    • ‘As we drove down the darkened motorway, the worst nightmare for a skier happened.’
    • ‘Now the fashion is changing, skiers and snowboarders are skiing far and wide instead of concentrating on the beaten track.’
    • ‘They are placed at the disposal of the skiers, along the ski runs and skiers can also leave their own equipment for safekeeping there.’
    • ‘They even go so far as to give older skiers free or reduced lift prices while younger skiers bleed at full price.’
    • ‘Expectations of graceful flowing telemarks fade as the skier faces deep trenching.’
    • ‘Visually impaired skiers follow the sound of the guide's skis and poles on the snow.’
    • ‘If one ski parts itself on an icy rut, the bad skier promptly sits down.’
    • ‘The stronger and more technically proficient a skier is, the stiffer the ski can be.’
    • ‘Yet some backcountry skiers feel snowmobiles are nothing less than machines from hell.’
    • ‘The wedge or snowplow is often one of the first downhill maneuvers a skier learns, but it is not easy to do.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we skiers are confronted daily with the problem of how to dress.’
    • ‘It was a sunny April Fool's Day, but the joke was on the skiers who weren't there.’
    • ‘All levels of downhill skiers and snowboarders will be catered for.’
    • ‘He believes that variety in skiing and the amount of Nordic trails offered attracts new skiers.’
    • ‘No skier is in danger of losing their right to ski because of a snowmobile.’
    • ‘Intermediate snowboarders competed in the intermediate events immediately following the downhill skiers.’
    • ‘That way, novice skiers can avoid one steep downhill along the edge of Inferno Cone.’