Definition of skidpad in English:



  • A road surface used for testing the ability of automobiles to withstand lateral acceleration.

    • ‘The Alphera Dutton Rally is for road-registered performance cars competing in 24 separate driving tests, including timed laps, slaloms and wet skidpans.’
    • ‘It started life as a Fairmont, but nobody is going to say the Fox platform is obsolete after they see it pull over one G on the skidpad.’
    • ‘It feels fantastic on the road at any speed and generates an impressive 0.9 g's on a skidpad on Michelin ZP high-performance run-flat tires.’
    • ‘Millar crashed twice on roads that, with incessant rain, resembled a skidpan.’
    • ‘So imagine Nadia Comaneci doing her pirouettes and tumbles, not on a nice sprung floor, but on a skidpan.’
    • ‘Henning said the huge crowds meant that the donut competition on the skidpan had to be cancelled for safety reasons.’