Definition of Skidoo in US English:


(also Ski-Doo)


North American
  • A snowmobile.

    • ‘Whether it is soaring 50 feet through the air on a Skidoo or popping tricks on a board in a half pipe, extreme sports thrive on danger.’
    • ‘Brian was driving the Skidoo, while I was on the back of the sledge.’
    • ‘I tested the new route by slowly driving the Skidoo over it.’
    • ‘The leading Skidoo didn't have enough gusto to pull up its two fully laden sledges, so we decided to take each sledge up one at a time.’
    • ‘While the Skidoos are mired still again, on another steep switchback below a ridgeline, I wonder aloud whether this route was originally cut for hauling timber.’
    • ‘Barbara has driven her Skidoo, loaded with custom-made leg-hold traps and other gear, me riding my skis at the end of a tow rope behind.’
    • ‘We returned to camp, hitched one sledge to each Skidoo, then began making our way towards a little rocky hill just north of Kanak Peak.’
    • ‘It was an uplifting, exciting feeling to drive the Skidoo pulling only one sledge over a perfectly flat smooth surface.’


[no object]North American
  • Ride on a Skidoo.

    ‘the winter months pass rapidly as one is engrossed with cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, or Skidooing’
    • ‘I like to think they spend their free time Skidooing down mountains.’


1960s: an arbitrary formation from ski.