Definition of ski pole in US English:

ski pole


  • Either of two lightweight poles held by a skier to assist in balance or propulsion.

    • ‘To guide your movements, take your ski pole and draw a quarter circle starting at your heel and curving forward.’
    • ‘Another skier made a claim after being hit by a ski pole someone dropped from a chair lift overhead.’
    • ‘Walking with ski poles is even better, since you can raise your heart rate as if you were running without pounding your joints.’
    • ‘In the mountains, he carries a ski pole to help him climb.’
    • ‘When my ski pole sunk all the way to the hilt through bottomless muck, I realized this wasn't our day.’
    • ‘I place another wand and ski across, probing with my ski pole so I don't blunder down a hidden orifice.’
    • ‘As it was, they managed to rig up an intravenous drip on a ski pole, through which they administered adrenaline.’
    • ‘Skiers and snowshoers should also keep control of ski poles to avoid the sled as it goes by.’
    • ‘When climbing hills or snowshoeing in brushy country, use one or two ski poles to help climb or maintain balance.’
    • ‘‘I haven't touched a ski pole in ten years,’ Pancho confesses on the lift.’
    • ‘The Comfort heel is easier to rotate with a ski pole to change the height of the climbing post.’
    • ‘We strap our skis to our packs, and McLean hands me a ski pole with a Whippet grip before we start kicking our way upward again.’
    • ‘Protruding off the bow were three sets of metal ski poles, their baskets pointing outward like a bunch of flowers.’
    • ‘She had with her a ski pole and a kitchen knife in her purse.’
    • ‘So I dug my ski poles into the slope and tried to stop myself.’
    • ‘I hastily kit up, armed with my trusty Nikon RS, dive buddy, a ski pole and a dash of fish-oil on our wetsuits for good measure.’
    • ‘‘For cross country ski training, I go to the forest to walk with ski poles,’ Sauvala said.’
    • ‘His latest idea to help people stay fit are ‘Nordic walking poles’ - ski poles used when walking.’
    • ‘Toko will also introduce a cross country ski pole tube to protect poles while in transit.’
    • ‘‘I could have reached out with my ski pole,’ Andy would say wistfully, ‘and pushed him over.’’


ski pole

/ˈski ˌpoʊl//ˈskē ˌpōl/