Definition of ski-bob in US English:



  • A device resembling a bicycle with skis instead of wheels, used for sliding down snow-covered slopes.

    • ‘Snow tends to interfere with the operation of the motor, which in the case of a ski-bob is often an air-cooled internal combustion engine, in several ways.’


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  • Ride a ski-bob.

    • ‘If you are planning to snow-blade or ice skate, or to go tobogganing, snow-mobiling or ski-bobbing, check your cover before you set off.’
    • ‘In the winter, also popular are tobogganing, sleigh rides, ski-bobbing and curling.’
    • ‘Henry has been ski-bobbing longer that he cares to remember and is a great ambassador for the sport.’
    • ‘Apart from ski-bobbing during the day we spent many gourmet hours tasting and learning about Austrian food.’