Definition of skater in US English:



  • A person who skates, especially on ice.

    ‘he was working as a professional skater at ice shows’
    • ‘The child is an accomplished skater, and it is in her best interests to continue this activity.’
    • ‘At the roaring bonfire, skaters can warm up with hot chocolate.’
    • ‘For the only time in his 50 years as a passionate New England skater, large parts of Long Island Sound froze solid enough to be skated on.’
    • ‘The grace and poise of those skaters is astounding.’
    • ‘It is high time that the ballet teachers behind the famous skaters are recognized for their contributions.’
    • ‘Many wrong notes or a big memory lapse can be compared to a fall on the ice for the skater.’
    • ‘It is like watching a bunch of Olympic skaters who have entirely failed to notice that they are on treacherously thin ice.’
    • ‘Skaters circle a section of ice set against a backdrop of pine-covered rolling hills.’
    • ‘Pulsing disco music emanated from a DJ station in the middle as skaters whirled by.’
    • ‘Sometimes the dancers donned business suits and tried in vain to emulate the skaters' seamless glide and careless cool.’